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This weekend I felt very much in the spirit of the autumnal season. As fall progresses, it’s getting darker and colder here, and so I decided I would make some stew.  There I was, passing some time in the evening on Saturday, chopping onions for my stew, with the pot bubbling and A Prairie Home Companion on the radio. As I was discussing with a family member, the only things missing were a roaring fire in a fireplace, warm sweaters, and mulled cider for after dinner.

Of all the NPR programming, A Prairie Home Companion seems the most appropriate for an autumn or winter evening. It has that slow, dreamy quality that gives one the impression of being nestled in an odd but strangely soothing story.

My evening was quiet, and cozy, and very nice. I curled up with a book later in the evening, which was the perfect ending to the day. The next day, I made scones and we had them with piping hot tea. On the whole it felt like just the sort of thing you’d like a weekend in autumn to be.

~Agatha Viola

Savoring the month of October