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In my experience, drugstores are the worst offenders when it comes to giving a person a ridiculously long receipt when one has purchased only one or two items.  Just the other day, at a drugstore that shall remain nameless, I received the longest receipt I’ve ever received from any store. It was at least three feet long, and I had only purchased three items. The receipt had seven coupons on it, which is more than twice the number of items I purchased. Two of the coupons were of the more general variety, and which I might actually use, if I make it back to the store before they expire. The other five I doubt very much that I will have a use for, and they’re not even for products much related to those items that I bought. Their primary relation to the items I acquired is that they are coupons for items that fall in the same general area of the store.

A receipt that is several feet long is also highly impractical from a check-out point of view. It was a good thing I had a bag that I could put the receipt in, because it would have taken a measurable about of time for me to fold the receipt enough times for it to fit into my wallet. A receipt is, first and foremost, a record of what you bought and how much you paid for it.  Having one that has several feet of coupons attached rather distracts from that purpose, and indeed, impedes the usefulness of the object. Also, just think how much longer a roll of receipt paper would last if you were given a receipt sans coupons, or even one with just a couple of coupons! Surely it would be more economical for the store?

In conclusion, don’t waste paper, clean your plate, and why, when I was your age I had to walk three miles up hill both ways in the snow, even in June.

~Agatha Viola

Champion complainer of trivial things